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You go to La Vita. You feel the sea breeze in your hair and the warm sand under your feet. There are still 20 minutes until sunset. Quite enough to stay with your loved one, order a drink and enjoy an unforgettable evening.


The smiling team of La Vita greets you and shows you the table. The view is even better than in the photos! There is nothing more pleasant than this moment. Experience this romantic landscape with a glass of wine from a carefully selected wine list. The sun kisses the sea. Cheers for this moment, for today.

The waiter recommends Black Sea mussels and fish. The products are fresh and carefully selected and served. They smell enticing, and you will remember their taste for a long time. For dessert, you order homemade nougat ice cream with green fig jam and you understand why this is the most famous dessert in La Vita. Wow!


You enjoy the food and the breathtaking view. You slowly sip the wine to the beat of a specially selected playlist.


The night is now beginning…


La Vita night  playlist

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